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What we do:

web Web/Flash development
web Design (web, print)
web Commercial sites
web Web shops
web Social web applications
web Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How we work:

web Fair prices

we charge on hourly basis and we treat our time work very efficiently

web Flexible
  our websites are always customizable and expandable
web Quick
  without endless meetings

What else?

web Comprehensible

Without technical details you don't need to care about

web One stop delivery
  design, layout, CMS installation, configuration and extension, flash, business logic and everything else your web site may need from one source.
Web Development

Enterprise Trainings

Have you also been to trainings, which cost millions, steal your time and are forgotten the day after? Every good teaching is not only information transfer, it is skill sharing, which can hardly be done in an intensive training process.

A system that promotes skill sharing among colleagues, a collegial and competitive way to prove your skills and challenge the skills of the others can lift the proficiency of the staff to the levels never imaginable before.

Skill building

Every employee is valued by her or his skills, which are acquirable only by doing the right tasks many times until it becomes a part of her or his personality. The skill building process can hardly be performed in short trainings and the companies are losing Millions, because there was no way to confront every responsible employee with all possible real life situations beforehand.

Fortunately there is a solution: with a fun playful way other eventually more experienced colleagues ................


can place real life challenges to everybody, thus sharing their experience and valuing the response skills, up to the certification level. This way there is always a fair appraisal scale, who is more or less suitable for a specific task. A more talented colleague can be promoted faster, the risks can be eliminated and the skill set is spread across people in question more rapidly, giving them a chance to get to the point they wish much faster than ever before.


Brilliant. New.

We have been working on a new approach to the field of artificial intelligence for some years and acquired considerable results. The approach to some extent similar to the newer developments in neuroscience, but features some ideas never published before.

This approach is valuable for image and motion picture recognition, sound recognition, natural language understanding, automatic creation of models for predictions of any kind etc.

Share Price Prediction

One of the current successes is a stable system for creation of market prediction models. The unique feature of the system is that the model is created daily and can considerably vary from the model created one day before. There is no risk of outdated models, because the genetic selection process drops all of the non-working ones. Another unique feature is that there is no manual intervention into the field of formulas for the model – they are created by the AI system based on statistics and much deeper dependencies are discovered than any of the usual nonlinear optimization principles does.

Motion Recognition

There has been an unanswered question in the science of artificial intelligence: how can a fly with a small number of neurons recognize the danger better than modern defense systems with huge computing power? The answer is simple and it is called: turn the process around. There is no time and no way to analyze the image or even to compare the image with the previous one if you have to act in real time. But as soon as you predict the change in the image, you can in virtually no time compare your expectations with reality and find the suspicious differences or danger confirmations.

Artificial Intelligence

iPhone, Android, Blackberry, ...

With experience in all common mobile technologies, we can help you reach your audience. And whenever the social integration like Facebook, Twitter etc. has to complete the product line, we are glad to make it all seamlessly working altogether as a one-stop solution with a consistent design and usability features.

An exotic technology at hand? Bet we manage it!


Have you also noticed that it is a hard job to find really skilled professionals in many technologies that are of special purpose or have become popular only recently? With over 100 OSGi projects and with a development team of experts in OSGi since 2001 we belong to the very short list of companies with such an expertise not only in Germany, but in the whole Europe.


Ideas instead of specifications, short development cycles, and full success in the end for less money than you ever thought possible? How can this be true? We have been working for research departments of many renowned companies for a decade and know the processes behind these developments. We have the people you need, who will understand and implement your ideas. And we know how to cut short, so that you get the functionality requested without the work that is irrelevant to the situation.

Mobile & Embedded

Expertise in Financial IT

Looking for an IT partner with experience in risk management? Has asset and portfolio management to be well known? Or even deeper understanding of exotic derivatives?

Challenge us! We know, what you are talking about!


Business Process Automation

You need to improve your document management, automate the mail processing or make the customers wanting to come back again and again? Or is it the ticket acquisition that can help you in our way to success? Your company has very specific workflows that have to be defined and implemented? We can do that for you!

BMW AG Bosch&Siemens Hausgeräte Ceyoniq DB Systel Dornier Consulting BMW Forschung&Technik quirin bank COI GmbH

Enterprise IT

Data Warehousing, LDAP or Active Directories, Remote Software Management etc. are knowledge areas, where we can meet your requirements the best way possible. You know your process, we help to optimize and bring harmony and easiness to it.

Financial & Enterprise

"Flexible premium software developers..."
"Incredibly fast..."
"They knew our requirements before we did..."
"WOW! So much technology, so affordable!..."
"Zenturion guys became real experts in our    product in no time..."
About Zenturion
About Zenturion

Multiclient Object Management

Have you ever experienced the restrictions of the technologies you used? Why often only one solution is offered, saving on the user experience? Isn't it great if an iPhone user uses an iOS App, a Windows user enjoys a seamless Windows integration and a netbook user has access over the web to his data?

We have a track record of many projects in document, content and issue management based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) with multiple access paths to the functionality – like web, mobile, ...... OS integrations etc.

ABS, CDO, Risk, Simulations

One of the most complex fields of the financial knowledge is the handling of structured products like Collateralized Debt Obligations. Portfolio management for such products must include the ability to drill down infinite number of levels in a visually appealing way. Risk management models are very comprehensive and change frequently.

We are proud to have knowledge and experience in these areas and many other application fields of custom banking software.

Workflow & Lifecycle Management

Every item has a lifecycle, even if it is only a virtual one. Incoming mail is prepared, indexed, recognized, sorted to electronic inboxes, treated according to the process definition and archived. Even a software package has its own lifecycle. After all development cycles, a package can e.g. progress to staging deployment, productive deployment, undeployment/upgrade etc. All these stages can be efficiently controlled by a lifecycle or workflow framework. Just don’t let the precious time of the company’s staff members get wasted!

Financial & Enterprise

Communication & Remote Management

If you are developing a new device, there is always a question of connectivity and manageability. And you can rely on experts, who have done the tasks before in many different ways. Sometimes it is just important to know what matters in every single situation. The task can be as simple as “download and copy” and can be as complex as “intrusion damage cannot be expressed in predictable figures”. Or on the other scale from “daily synchronization” to “real time QoS transmission”.

Hardware Development

No, we don’t have our own hardware development laboratories. And yes, we can help you with that nevertheless. It can be platform consulting, hardware prototyping with highly qualified outsourced engineers for a fraction of usual costs or subcontracting hardware manufacturers for a large scale production.


Embedded User Interfaces

Design, usability, continuity. Sometimes simplicity, sometimes pomposity. Whatever is on your mind, it is but a small step away.


Want to test one of
our mobile applications?


Enjoy our personal finance manager application for Google Android platform. Designed to have a friendly and intuitive interface, Cashew lets you easily keep track of your income and expenses without having any experience in accounting.

Mobile & Embedded

Context-based Recognition

Sometimes it is simply impossible to reconstruct the image or the sound. Sometimes half of the alphabet in one’s handwriting is written the same way and there are too many choices.


You’ve recognized the image at once, haven't you? But how can a computer turn it into the image on the right:


There is a solution for most cases where a human being would be able to recognize the meaning

Computer Understanding

...but I don't think you'll understand why unless you know a few things about me.
V for Vendetta

Creating written text out of the spoken word is not the whole thing. In natural languages there are so many aspects to the communication that you lose over 90% of the information if you are trying to extract it from the text only. What matters is not recognition, but understanding, which is the fetching of the real information blocks within the communication.

Surprisingly, there is a way to define understanding in a way that is common for humans and computers, allowing for the real AI and not similar acting.

We would be glad to provide more information to serious cooperation partners.

Artificial Intelligence

Remembered Fun

Do you know people, who are bored just by the word e-Learning? Right, that’s why we needed to invent something completely different! For a child, the learning of the first steps, first words and everything else is fun, it is always a game! Why haven’t school teachers made math a game? Or the language lessons? While it would be so easy to do it…

There are a few concepts in this field, that are revolutionary new for the e-learning market, while absolutely obvious after you’ve tried the system.

Contact us for more information!

The game

You can get a first glimpse at the principle by trying out a Facebook game YourDem. When you see it, you may be wondering, what it has to do with learning. Just get it this way: by playing the game, you are improving your sense of humor. Try it out and you’ll know you are! ;-)


What kind of skill?

Well, there are limitations – it is difficult to improve your boxing or fencing skills by doing something at a computer. We figured out, that there are 2 major application areas for the system:

1) Communication skills: whether in sales, management or lifestyle, e.g. sales patterns, decision making, reasoning, small talk, social encounters etc.

2) Instant knowledge in stress situations. For example market analysis, corporate rules, security/safety trainings, tool usage, etc.

Web Development
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